Euan Hankey is becoming one of the top driver coaches around the world and what he offers in terms of experience and knowledge is invaluable for any level of driver. Huge amounts of money can be spent on fasters cars, engine upgrades and aerodynamic improvements which might find a professional driver a couple of seconds in lap time if used to its maximum potential but on average Euan can find you between 5-10 seconds just in your driving before you even think about upgrading your car.

Euan also prides himself on being a Porsche 911 specialist as he is able to draw all his knowledge from the vast amount of experience and success he’s had in the Porsche Carrera Cup. Porsche 911 is one of the most difficult/challenging cars in the world to reach its maximum potential, as the difficulty in managing the weight transfer of the car is far superior to any other.

For half the price of a set of tyres the gains that a good coach can find you are invaluable.

Coaching information:

- ‘A’ Grade ARDS qualified race driver instructor.

-Top Instructor at Silverstone International Race School.

-One of McLaren Automotives Professional Driver instructor’s of the MP4 12C Coupe and Spider. Helps with Development of the 12C as well as Press/Marketing and Track day events around the world for McLaren.

Coaches and mentors up and coming racing drivers in both Formula Renault and International GT championships.

Euan also partners and coaches a various amount of Gentleman drivers who are looking to learn and race competitively in GT championships.

Please contact Euan if your looking at taking your driving to the next level or even if you want to become a safer driver and more competent driver.